Frequently Asked Question

  • arrow_drop_up How can I make a booking?

    Our booking form is designed for easy and intuitive filling. Through it you can quickly choose your starting and ending point, number of passengers and luggage, choose the right car for your trip and add any other extra you need. Thanks to the high reliability and security of stripe you have the opportunity to pay for the service online and complete your engagement. All you have to do is enjoy your trip.

  • arrow_drop_up What happens if I fail to place an online booking?

    In case you do not have the opportunity to fill in our online form you can seek assistance from our administrator using the online applications WhatsApp or Viber or just call the Mobile number. For your convenience, all contact forms are displayed on the screen.

  • arrow_drop_up Do infants count?

    Infants from (0 -2) and children (3-11) of age count in all vehicles, as they occupy place in the car. They need a special child seat / booster.

  • arrow_drop_up Do you provide child seats if needed?

    Any required car can be accommodated with a child seat/a booster upon request.

  • arrow_drop_up What kind of vehicles do you provide?

    You can be acquainted with our vehicles by visiting “Autopark” section of our web page.

  • arrow_drop_up Do you provide shared transfers?.

    Our company does not provide shared transportation. Only private transfers are at disposal.

  • arrow_drop_up What are the payment types?

    You can pay online by credit / debit card at the time of booking. You can also pay on the driver in cash or by card.

  • arrow_drop_up Do you provide “Meet” & “Greet “service?

    We provide you with “Meet” & “Greet” service upon your arrival.

  • arrow_drop_up How should I find the driver?

    Our drivers are waiting at the arrival hall inside the airport, holding the sign with the leading passenger’s name.

  • arrow_drop_up What should I do if I fail to find the driver?

      In case if you fail to find the driver, you should contact us via our emergency number +41 76 3776605 ,available around the clock.

  • arrow_drop_up What do I need to know before canceling my booking?

    Booking cancellation due to some circumstances beyond your control must be submitted 48 (forty-eight) hours or more prior to the commencement of the transfer. The whole amount, already paid to the company, shall be reimbursed. No refund is applicable if the booking cancellation is notified later than 48 (forty-eight) hours, or on the last-minute

  • arrow_drop_up What if I want to change the details in my booking?

    You can change the details upon 24 hours in advance notification. The last-minute changes are subject to agreement.

  • arrow_drop_up When can I make the booking?

    You can make the reservation 24 hours prior to your arrival date. Bookings placed on the last-minute are subject to agreement.

  • arrow_drop_up How should I notify the different pickup/drop off place?

    You should clearly outline the different pickup/drop off place in the field of “special requests” in your booking inquiry.

  • arrow_drop_up Different members of the same group arrive at different times. How should I submit the booking?

    If your group is divided in two (or more) parts, and some of the members are arriving at different times, but you desire to have the same transfer for the whole group, you are advised to make the booking pickup time according to the last arrival flight.

  • arrow_drop_up Do your provided prices include all taxes?

    Our quotation includes all charges such as VAT, luggage, child seat and waiting time in case of late arrival (up to 1 hour waiting time is free of charge).

  • arrow_drop_up Do you provide a car at disposal with/without driver?

    Our fleet is at disposal only with the accompaniment of experienced and well-mannered drivers.

  • arrow_drop_up What is your smoking/drinking policy?

    Smoking and consumption of alcohol and spirits are strictly prohibited in the company’s vehicles.

  • arrow_drop_up How much luggage is allowed for a passenger?

    Once you place a booking, you are advised to declare your excess baggage. Two items: medium and small sized ones, as well as a ski and a snowboard bag are applicable for one passenger. Any extra excess luggage must be submitted and notified in advance, in order to utilize the right vehicle.

    • Small_ 55 x 40 x 23
    • Medium_ 70 x 45 x 25
    • Large_ 80 x 50 x 30
  • arrow_drop_up Waiting time

    All possible delays and changes related to the arrival/departure time must be notified in advance. There would be no any extra charge for 1 hour waiting time. For all other cases of delays notified later than it is required, extra charges are applicable.

  • arrow_drop_up Do you provide an invoice for the required transfer?

    We always provide the customers with the necessary invoice submitted with transfer and price details.

  • arrow_drop_up Do you make transfers to car free resorts?

    We organize transfers to car free resorts upon in advance request.

  • arrow_drop_up Will you make refund if I miss the transfer?

    If the customer is not provided with initially confirmed service and misses the transfer because of the inaccurate approach of the company, a full refund is applicable.

  • arrow_drop_up Do you make up a tour itinerary?

    A tour itinerary can be outlined due to the customer’s basic inquiry with the primary details such as destinations, the dates, and preferred car model as well as car disposal hours.