Key Partners

At Swiss Top Transfer GmbH, we take pride in the trust we've cultivated with a wide array of esteemed partners. Among them are global tech corporations, respected financial institutions, embassies, and diplomatic services, international medical brands, luxury hotel chains, clinics and pharmaceutical event organizers, and many other leading companies and organizations.

Our commitment to excellence and dedication to providing top-level limousine services, characterized by reliability and precision, has made us the preferred transportation choice for these distinguished partners. We understand the importance of maintaining trust and upholding high standards, and we look forward to continuing to serve our valued partners with the same unwavering dedication.

Here are some of them


Our collaboration with Swatch brings a touch of Swiss creativity and innovation to our venture. Swatch, with its iconic designs and precision, mirrors our commitment to style and performance.

Lindt's Swiss chocolate expertise adds a sweet and luxurious flavor to our partnership. Just as we craft experiences with precision, Lindt's mastery in the art of chocolate-making delights the senses.


UBS, a global financial leader rooted in Switzerland, shares our commitment to excellence. Together, we navigate the complex terrain of success, always striving for the highest standards.

Our partnership with Mercedes-Benz Schweiz AG reflects a shared passion for engineering excellence. As we pave the way for the future, their cutting-edge automotive innovations drive us forward.

Mercedes-Benz Schweiz AG